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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. For your convenience, all the questions have been divided into the following categories:

General Questions

What is Asher Trade?

"Asher Trade Investment Limited" with company number "12794630" registered in England and Wales, is a private limited company on the world securities and financial markets.
Having started as a small investment group operating only on the Forex market, we have gradually expanded our investment activities on all major financial markets of the world. Our representatives operate all over the globe thus providing us with a big picture view on the world of finance.

When was Asher Trade founded?

Originally The Asher Trade website went online in 27th June, 2019. Our main organization was founded in August of 2020.

Who manages the funds?

These funds are managed by a team of Asher Trade Investment Limited experts.

Where do you receive your profit from?

We invest in stock and forex market.

How can I change my payment accounts?

Because of security reasons, users cannot change their account numbers by themselves, to change payment accounts you need to Contact us.

Do I have guarantee investing in Asher Trade?

Investing is always running risks! As it is not possible nowadays to guarantee anything on the web (we are currently working on it). We try to minimize the risks.
We have never had serious losses, and the insignificant ones were compensated by the profit from other paying projects.
We always have a certain amount of currency in reserve, which allows us to compensate for any possible losses, so that a stable profit could be provided to our investors.

What are the monitors page you refer to on your website?

They are monitor our performance daily and provide up-to-date information about our investment performance.

Registration & Accounts

How can I create an account?

To open an account with us simply access Sign Up Page and fill out the registration form. Your account will be opened immediately after you submit the registration form.

Can the members of the same family open separate accounts from the same PC and IP address?

Yes, they can. You can open as many accounts from the same PC and IP address as you like. The only condition is that you need to provide separate e-currencies account numbers and contact email addresses for each of the accounts also in this case you can"t get referral commission.

I have either forgotten my account password or someone has got into my account and has stolen my account password. What am I supposed to do now?

First, try restoring your account password via Account Recovery page. If this does not work out, please contact our customer service department from the email address you have used at registration. Please include your username and e-currency account number. After we verify your identity, we will send the account password to your contact email address.

What can I do to protect my account password?

Make sure you observe the following safety measures:
- Your password is a unique and preferably non-sense combination of numbers and letters.
- Never use the passwords you have used with other bank or email accounts before.
- Store your password in a safe place. Preferably a removable disk or other storage.

What measures can I take in order to keep my PC clean from viruses and other harmful software?

Please install and run firewall and anti-virus program at all times. Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of firewall and anti-virus program. Never open attachments in email unless they are from the people or services you know and trust.

I have received an email from you that contains an attachment. Is it safe to open it?

No, never open such attachments. We have never and never will send any emails containing attachments. Such emails are sent by hackers trying to get your account password and other data

How can I change my account password?

To do this you need to:
- Log into your Asher Trade account.
- Access "Update Account" area.
- enter new passwords in the appropriate fields. - then press "Update ACCOUNT" button.

Deposits & Withdrawals

How can I make a deposit into my Asher Trade account?

You need to log into Asher Trade account, access "Fund My Account" area and follow the instructions we provide there.

Can I withdraw the principal during the investment period?

Yes, you can withdraw the principal any time with 20% fee, for this you need to contact us.

Can I make a several investment?

Yes, you can, There are no restrictions in this regard, however, minimum deposit is $10.00.

Can I add my funds to my Account principal so that they continue earning interest for me?

Yes, you can do this simply, log into your Asher Trade account, access "Fund my account" area, choose to make a deposit from Account Balance and follow the instructions we provide.

How much the minimum withdrawals?

The minimum withdrawal for crypto currencies is $3.00 and other currencies $1.00

What is "Account Balance"?

"Account Balance" - This is the amount you can withdraw into your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account at any time. Also you can add the funds you have in your "Account Balance" to your Account Principal at any time.

How can I withdraw my funds?

- To do this you need to:
- Log into your Asher Trade account.
- Access "Withdrawal" area.
- Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and press "Continue"

How soon will you process the withdrawal request I have placed?

All withdrawal requests are processed manually after being checked and approved by our managers. Normally withdrawals are processed within 2 working days, but at times it may take us up to 4 days to process your request.

I placed a withdrawal request over 48 hours ago. I wonder why I have not been paid yet.

The most common reasons why you were not paid are:
- The PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account number in your account profile is incorrect.
- You have balance limit imposed on your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account.
In case if your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Bank account is correct and you still have not received the withdrawal, please contact our customer service
* Minimum amount of Bitcoin withdrawals is $3.00 and for other payment processors are $1.00.

Affiliate Program

Do I need to invest myself if I want to refer others and earn referral commission?

No. you Don't need to invest yourself if you want to refer others and earn referral commission.

How much will I earn?

You will earn a 5.00% commission of all deposits to Asher Trade made by all investors who came using your affiliate link . During an unlimited period of time.
So even if they come back later and make a deposit on their account again, you still get 5.00%.

How often will you get paid?

As soon as we receive a deposit from your downlines ,you will receive bonus of 5.00% from the deposit in your account balance.

How do you pay referral commission?

We pay referral commssion into the payable Balance in your Asher Trade account.

I have referred a friend of mine to you, but I have not received a referral commission. Why?

The most probable reasons are:
- Your referral has opened an account with us, but has not yet made a deposit. Please note that we pay referral commission only after your referral has made a deposit.
- You are not listed as Referrer in your Referral's Account Profile. If your referral has already made a deposit and you were not listed as his/her referrer at that time, please ask him/her to contact us about this matter.

Can I use spam to promote your website?

No, you cannot do this under any circumstances. We do not tolerate spam in any of its forms. Any member caught spamming will lose membership.
Your Profit

Your Profits

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